Device Ops Software

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Save time, improve performance and reduce costs by simplifying every aspect of your workflow, from ordering to activation and support.

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Software Platform

Our platform is designed to take the friction (and the cost) out of your device operations, with a web application and API that will streamline any workflow.

Multi-Network Coverage

Our cellular data platform will automatically switch to the best network, including AT&T, T-Mobile and others.

Robust and Flexible API

Our API-first approach enables you to build incredible functionality into your platform very quickly.

Secure Infrastructure

We implement the most rigorous security standards in the industry to ensure that you remain safe and protected.

Device Operations Portal

Our operations portal enables your team or your customers to easily order devices and manage other operational processes.

Customized Development

Have a unique need? No problem. Our developers love collaborating with our partners to help them succeed.

Device Development Services

We also help device companies transition to including cellular capabilities.

Operations Management Platform

Our software will help you onboard patients faster, more seamlessly and with less cost, while retaining them longer. Easily manage tasks ranging from ordering to proactively detecting and responding to potential device issues.


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